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Letter from Katie

Dearest Friends,

I'm so happy to report that on this April Fools' Day, 2016, I became very happily aware that I remain one (a fool) and still am loving what is as fool's mind living happily at home in itself.

I do hope that this newsletter supports your well-being being discovered and benefits your world in some glorious and beautiful way, affecting everything in turn.

You are, in me, all there is of you, and no wonder that I would love what is you in me. Do you understand? To think of you is to see you in my mind's eye, and in that purely imagined, you are born in me, and to see you is to love you, and that is mine: that you are mine. If you can't love within yourself, you can't love anything; you aren't aware that you really do love all and are even closer than that.

Judge your story (of the images that arise with that person or not with that person), write your judgments down, ask four questions, and turn them around to see the one and only mind and no other.

Loving all of you, without choice,

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Photos from March 2016 School for The Work






Chinese and Japanese Participants at the March 2016 School for The Work

We love you!!

Love is "Ai" 愛 (pronounced "I") in both Chinese and Japanese. So when you say, "Ai ('I') love you", it could also mean, "Love loves you." And since Love also could be understood as a name for our true nature, we are left as love loving love all around!

In love and gratitude,
Tim, and all new graduates of the March 2016 School


Photos from Kuwait

Osrati, the oldest magazine in Kuwait, and one of the oldest in the Gulf region, has published an excerpt from the Arabic translation of Loving What Is. The article's title is “A Rebellious New Start to Your Life, Called The Work.”

Photos from Israel

I first arrived at The School for The Work because I am an artist and a therapist and I was longing to free myself from the fear of the pain caused by fear. Meeting Katie and the encounter with The Work changed my life!

I went to The School in Germany and in Los Angeles, and continued at my work with students to teach and practice The Work myself for years. At the School I experienced stressful thoughts losing their grip on me, and the tremendous compassion that followed. It was the closest to a line from Bob Marley's redemption song: "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery ...." Every time I do The Work I am released more and more from mental slavery. This is a tremendous gift that Katie gave birth to, and I thank her deeply.

After the 2014 war in Gaza, I had 50 days of fighting(!) with my son, who fought there, and the terror and fear and helplessness and paralysis that I experienced - I never experienced anything quite like it before, and it was a formative experience for me.

I promised myself, during those terrible days at the end of the war, that I would not repress anymore and that I would become active for a reality shift. During those days, a vision came to me, and I saw myself along with thousands of other women on a hunger strike. A drastic step that says ENOUGH with the madness. A cry of mothers that spells ENOUGH.

Fortunately, that summer thousands of other women arose and the Women Wage Peace movement was born. At first, we boarded a train, 1000 women from north to south, and our destination was a conference where we launched the movement, then we stood at 45 different checkpoints - thousands of women - and talked with hundreds of thousands of drivers to remind them that it is our duty to make peace.

3000 of us women marched in Jerusalem to speak before the Knesset a speech of hope. Today we are 15,000 and counting. Then it came to me again, and I remembered the vision of the hunger strike, and so on the one-year anniversary of this awful war that lasted 50 days, we set up a tent and began a 50-day fast outside the home of the Prime Minister, with the requirement that he return to negotiations with the Palestinians in order to prevent the next war. Three hundred women joined from across the country: secular, Muslim, orthodox, Christian, from villages and cities, and we each fasted 25 hours or 50 hours. The ripples the tent produced reached far and wide. We received an invitation from the President of Palestine, as our determination of fasting moved him deeply and he invited us to a meeting. Israeli Prime Minister's wife Sarah Netanyahu invited us to hear what was on our minds, and then Netanyahu himself also met us. We met with Palestinian women leaders and decided to cooperate to end the conflict.

I thank Katie for the wonderful gift she has brought into the world and for what an enormous inspiration she is for me with her faith, determination, compassion, and the clarity of The Work, and I am grateful for the millions of people who practice and spread The Work and inspire the world. During hard moments when I encountered harsh reactions against our activities by the opposition, inquiry helped me go back and open my heart to myself and others. For instance, someone came to our tent and cursed us, and I was able to invite him to speak while at the same time I felt anger and a desire to attack him back, but during the conversation I felt The Work alive in me, working in me, and I could remember in real time that he is actually inviting me to look with compassion at the scared wounded places in me and at the thinking which I haven't inquired into yet.

I experienced deeply my fear at the place that wants to react and attack him back. Having The Work inside me at these moments (and there are many more) has allowed me to breathe, not to be defensive or violent, I would remember the poem of Rumi that we heard in the School, "Guest House” and the place of "Is it true?" and I was able to come back to my own business and stay in an open space, watching, hoping to keep my heart and my head compassionate and curious and looking forward to the next challenge, and because there were a lot of challenges I feel that the thousands of women in the final event that marked the end of the fast were able to convey a message of compassion, love, and acceptance. And our operation echoed far and wide and resonated all the way to you, Katie, and to the people reading these words now.

I am so grateful to Byron Katie for her determination and persistence and her planting the seeds for a vast global transformation from the mind of madness and horror of war into a mind of peace, love, and clarity.

Here is the URL of our webpage: You are all invited to join from all around the world by signing on as supporters and friends. Large numbers are important.

Especially, beloved Katie, we, Israeli and Palestinian women, are inviting you and are looking forward to your visit, of Women Wage Peace, waiting eagerly to actually meet you and to continue to water the seeds of hope, love, and peace here and everywhere.

With love and respect,
Lily Weisberger

Photos from
The Thinking Project

A note from Rachel Pickett:

These photos were taken during a teacher training workshop in October, 2015. The Thinking Project has been partnering with STEM Launch K-8, an urban public school in Thornton, Colorado, with the goals of helping kids to identify and question thoughts that cause stress, think and see from multiple perspectives, build self-confidence and empathy with others, and create a kinder classroom setting rooted in the study of thinking. In October we trained the sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade teachers at STEM Launch both in The Work and in ways to integrate The Work into classroom management and curricular content.

We often use metaphors when we design curriculum. One metaphor we use in camps and classrooms is the Brick Wall of Stress → Tree of Questioned Thoughts → Sky of Possibilities. During the teacher training, we learned this metaphor/process by experiencing it. Teachers first wrote down a situation that stressed them out on a “brick” (a red sticky note), and then shared their “brick” with the group and placed it on the Wall of Stress. After we did The Work on a stressful thought, we wrote the thought we questioned on a leaf sticky note, shared it aloud, and then placed it on the Tree of Questioned Thoughts. The leaves on the tree represent new growth. As we question our stressful thoughts, it allows new growth in our minds, in our ways of thinking. Finally, on a sticky-note star, we wrote a new perspective or possibility we discovered from doing The Work. We shared these out and then placed them on the Sky of Possibilities, to symbolize the infinite possibilities and perspectives we begin discovering as we question our stressful thinking and see our turnarounds.

We also explored ways The Thinking Project can test out the integration of The Work and the study of thought into content curriculum. We brainstormed ideas for making The Work accessible to sixth graders (example: “start with ‘what are you feeling?,' use emojis”), how to make copies of Common Stressful Thoughts About School and teen One-Belief-at-a-Time Worksheets available digitally, ways The Work connects to learner traits STEM Launch is already using (example: without a stressful thought we often experience ourselves as compassionate, collaborative, courageous… These are also Habits of a Learner characteristics that STEM utilizes), and ways The Work can integrate with upcoming Problem-Based-Learning units.

Katieisms, Illustrated

Photos from Russia

Dearest Katie,

First day of The Work immersion in Moscow. Look at these beautiful faces! So much gratitude to you for sharing the gift of The Work. So many amazing stories…


An Invitation

We want to assemble a small group of high-level thinkers to consider a project to move The Work into the mainstream culture. Ideal candidates will have The Work as their regular practice and be involved at a senior level in the nonprofit or corporate worlds. If you're interested or know someone who might be, please send an email and a brief background summary to We can't promise to get back to everyone, but we do welcome and appreciate the interest.

Photos from 2015-2016 New Year's Mental Cleanse

"My mommy and daddy do The Work."


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