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A Mind at Home with Itself

How Asking Four Questions Can Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and Turn Your World Around

By Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell

We live in difficult times, leaving far too many of us suffering from anxiety and depression, fear and anger. In her new and most anticipated work since Loving What Is, internationally acclaimed bestselling author and beloved spiritual teacher Byron Katie provides a much-needed beacon of light, and a source of hope and joy.

In A Mind at Home with Itself, Byron Katie illuminates one of the most profound ancient Buddhist texts, The Diamond Sutra (newly translated in these pages by Stephen Mitchell) to reveal the nature of the mind and to liberate us from painful thoughts, using her revolutionary system of self-inquiry called “The Work.” Byron Katie doesn’t merely describe the awakened mind; she empowers us to see it and feel it in action. At once startlingly fresh and powerfully enlightening, A Mind at Home with Itself offers us a transformative new perspective on life and death.

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A Mind at Home with Itself


“Byron Katie has rocked my world and shaken loose my mind more thoroughly than any other spiritual teacher I’ve ever encountered, living or dead. Using her simple process called The Work, I have managed to liberate myself from thoughts and beliefs that had brought me years of suffering, and that I had honestly feared would never leave me. In her newest book, A Mind at Home with Itself, Katie offers us the rare gift of peering into a human mind—her own—that is truly at ease in the world, and absolutely relaxed in its own company. Stephen Mitchell’s rare ability to help translate Katie’s wisdom for the lay-reader makes this book both a pleasure and an adventure to read. I would recommend A Mind at Home with Itself to anyone like me—in other words, to anyone who has ever felt like her own mind was a very dangerous neighborhood. This book may help you to learn how to feel safer and more comfortable wandering around that neighborhood all alone at night, no matter what thoughts arise. And that is something we could all use.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love and Big Magic


“A truly illuminating and lively hookup of revered ancient Zen Diamond Sutra teachings and a wild and clear-eyed modern sage. It will help you to question deeply, inspire your spirit, and awaken your understanding.”

Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart


“Byron Katie is an immeasurable gift to the world. In A Mind At Home with Itself, she takes us to the clear, radiant joy of freedom from our own thoughts. Here the words of an ancient spiritual master are illuminated by the words of a modern one, and they show us that life beyond suffering is possible. This book can take your mind home to its singular, unique, unfathomably precious self.”

Martha Beck, author of Finding Your Own North Star


A Mind at Home with Itself is a beautifully crafted book that points directly to the wisdom within us, the ultimate treasure that resides in the open heart and quiet mind—and it shows us exactly how to access it. Its insights sparkle and shimmer from every page, but they will remain like a beacon.”

Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and Drawdown


“A confluence of two transcendent wisdom streams embodied, entwined, and entrancing, in no small part because one arose spontaneously in Byron Katie outside of any tradition at all, while the other is an ancient Buddhist teaching hard to penetrate on one’s own but now accessible through Stephen Mitchell’s version. These two minds at home with themselves are also radically at home with each other. We as readers get to benefit enormously from this, and from their shared comfort, clarity, and heart—and even more so if we throw ourselves into the great work of inquiry so simply and radically offered here, and the meditative wakefulness and insight it not only invites but catalyzes.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Mindfulness for Beginners and Coming to Our Senses


Byron Katie & Stephen Mitchell

Byron Katie discovered inquiry in 1986. She has been traveling around the world since 1992, offering The Work to hundreds of thousands of people at free public events, in prisons, hospitals, churches, corporations, battered women’s facilities, universities and schools, at weekend intensives, the nine-day School for The Work, and her 28-day Turnaround House. She is the author of three bestselling books: Loving What Is, I Need Your Love—Is That True?, and A Thousand Names for Joy. Her other books are Question Your Thinking—Change the World, Who Would You Be Without Your Story?, A Friendly Universe, and, for children, Tiger-Tiger, Is It True?

Stephen Mitchell’s many books include the bestselling Tao Te Ching, The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, Gilgamesh, The Gospel According to Jesus, The Book of Job, The Second Book of the Tao, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and Beowulf.