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Eileen Fisher Lifework Embodiment Lounge

This event took place in the past. For a current list of upcoming events with Byron Katie, click here.

19 February 2017


Get comfortable in your body.
When we’re comfortable in our bodies, we live better, lead better, love more, and feel a greater sense of confidence in our lives.

Join via live stream. Free.
Join Eileen and an amazing line-up of master teachers and thought leaders for a series of workshops on embodiment, mindfulness, purpose, movement, leadership, and more. Treat yourself to an infusion of life-and-work-enhancing wisdom, inspiration, and connection.

  • Experience the pleasure of connecting with your body
  • Learn how to bring a little more mindfulness into your life
  • Practice turning your attention to your inner experience
  • Enjoy a little space in your life for creativity, curiosity, and connection
  • Remember how it good it feels when all of your circuits are switched on




Eileen Fisher Lifework Embodiment Lounge sessions begin Friday, 17 February 2017

Session with Byron Katie
Sunday, 19 February 2017

11 a.m. PST

Location Address: 

Live stream: Wisdom 2.0, San Francisco