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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Byron Katie's events range from two-hour and weekend workshops to the nine-day School for The Work and the 28-day Turnaround House program for The Work. Beyond events with Byron Katie, Certified Facilitators of The Work give individual guidance and hold group events around the world.

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The event list below include both in-person events In-person event and webcast events Webcast event.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center & webcast
27 August 2016
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Loving What Is: A Day with Byron Katie
Ojai, California
4 September-1 October 2016
Turnaround House
A 28-day program to turn your life around.
Big Sur, California
16-18 September 2016
Esalen Institute
Loving What Is: The Work with Byron Katie
Ojai, California
25 October-3 November 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
5-8 December 2016
Los Angeles, California
29 December-1 January 2017
Los Angeles, California
1-5 January 2017