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Anne Urbanczyk


‘Someone behind the wall’ is my description for myself before I met The Work. A wall which I built up trying to feel safe in the world. I felt separated and deep-inside lonely. I dealt with a nice facade in my world, between me and others. It seemed for others that my life went well. I had a job, good friends, a family, and at least a really nice home. Only the relationship was missing.

Anyway, it should have been enough, and I should have been happy with all this, and I wasn’t. I felt guilty about not being content. I wasted money trying to feel fulfilled and felt guilty about this. Through the years there was still something missing, and I had no idea how, and even if, I could get it. Resignation showed up and the facade was still there. I gave up with relationships, money, and my private old dreams.

Then I met The Work and by the first experience with inquiry I felt alive and authentic. There was a hole in the wall and I looked through. From this moment I was sure—here is my authentic way—and I started the first steps into my new life. It felt newborn until now. With each inquiry I put more and more stones away. Some were heavy and big, others were smaller. More and more the fearful one came out and learned to trust the universe and myself. I learned to express myself, my feelings, with inquiry—my fears and what's going on right now. I now experience deep relationships based on trust.

More and more, I get to be the one I want to be, and I am still on the way to learn more about the great gift life is.

I love to share The Work in workshops, trainings, or coachings in-person or over skype. My main topics are:

  • being Authentic in my life.
  • staying in my own business.
  • loving my inner child
Contact Information: 

Phone: 01783672234
Skype: anneurbanczyk

Cologne, Germany