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One day in 2004 my room mate left “Loving What Is“ on my bedside table and I began to read. Immediately I was fascinated and at the same time my “I-know-mind” protested: It can’t be that simple!! Twenty-four pages later I followed the simple directions and stared Working on an old belief that stood between me and my partner. To my total amazement a wall inside collapsed and I could openly embrace my partner.

Through all my conscious life I searched for the truth outside of myself and now I found it inside! After all “why” and “what for” I found the “how.“ Today after years in The Work and becoming a Certified Facilitator I still see myself at a beginning. I realize in gratitude that: my suicidal thoughts left me; I can talk openly to people I thought “difficult”; my having-to-be-right is no longer in my way, and that after falling back into old patterns I quickly find the way back to peace…

For over twenty-five years I have worked as a family doctor where I learned to be comfortable dealing with people of all different ages, in all matters and concerns of body, health, fear, stress, pain, sexuality, relationship, loss and death. In 2013 I closed my medical practice. I offer The Work in individual and partner sessions and I am exited to share this marvelous tool in workshops.

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Phone: +43 650 5517790
Skype: antondick

Villach, Karinthia, Austria