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In my early 40s, I was „functioning“ somehow, but underneath my life was a mere „crisis management“: I was so full of depression and fear, shame and guilt, isolated and suspicious, constantly at war with my husband—and unable to prevent my children from becoming unhappy, too…

For decades I had been trying everything from therapy to meditation to free myself from misery. And nothing but The Work would do the job. Ever since 2008, when I came across the book Loving What Is, The Work continues to change my thinking, which means: me, my life, and my world.

Mostly, my suffering wouldn't vanish overnight. But in every inquiry I experienced this state of non-suffering. Kindness and openness would touch me, and step by step I was able to realize my part in my stressful relationships—without blaming and shaming myself again! The transformation was unstoppable…

Today I feel grateful and connected to my ex-husband, and he didn't have to do anything for it. In hindsight I have been gifted with a blessed, even happy, marriage! I don‘t have to suffer anymore from the hardship I burdened my sons with, and I enjoy a loving and honest relationship with them.

My life today is a wonderful thing: when I'm in a good mood, I‘m joyful; when I'm in a bad mood, I become exited to discover the false beliefs that I still hold, and curious about the love and freedom that inquiry may bring back to my life.

Since 2009 I have been managing a monthly meetup group for The Work and later started offering introductory workshops and special theme days. I'm an enthusiastic and active member of the German association for The Work (VTW).

The key issues I focus on as a facilitator are „difficult relationships“ (partner, children, parents). I have deeply questioned my thoughts around separation and divorce, depression and anxiety, „underachievement“, failure, and self-doubt.

I finished a German university degree in European Ethnology and Medieval German Literature. Today I‘m working as an assistant to a lawyer who specializes in legal guardianship in Berlin.

I would love to accompany you in your journey with all my experience and respect (via phone, Skype, or in person in Berlin). As a facilitator, my aim is to support you in finding your own answers. On request I'm happy to design a presentation or workshop for your team, community, organization, or institution, both as an introduction to The Work and focused on one of my main issues.

Contact Information: 

Phone: +49 176 97 67 22 55
Skype: banufischer

Berlin, Germany

New Year's Mental Cleanse

Want a fresh start? Come spend one to four days immersed in the power of The Work. Byron Katie’s deep insight, humor, and untiring commitment to your freedom are reasons this event has become an eagerly anticipated annual tradition.
29 December-1 January 2019