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All my life I was in what we called “a Self-development process”. Besides teaching Drama and Art, I looked for ways to heal myself and others from suffering, in order to find inner peace. When I saw Katie in Israel (2003) I had the feeling that this is the truth I was searching for. It was sharp, shocking, not trying to be nice, it was clear and solid. It opened me to a totally different perspective of my life. Could it be that I'm not the victim as I thought I was? I had so much proof that my life was miserable. Difficulties in communication, learning disability, terrible childhood, feeling like a failure, not worthy, loss of a brother, loss of a father, chronic illness, single for more than 100 years. …more? Could it be that there are other options to look at my life? Could it be that there is love in my life that I fail to notice?

Since this event I looked how to be close to this thing called The Work, eventually I did the School in 2006 and after that I continued to the certification program. I have also been a staff member in other Schools. It gave me the deep understanding that thoughts are not personal, and there is an option to believe them, and there is option, not, there is an option to inquire into them, to be really close to yourself, and to find your own truth. To find peace inside you and continue from there. When I believed my life is a mess, and there was no hope for me in this planet, I used to wonder how I'm going to end my life, whether to jump from a bridge, train, building etc... Since I have The Work, whenever I feel stress, I jump into the four questions and the turnarounds. They can catch me in any circumstance I am in, any belief and emotion I'm attached to. It safe!
It's so beautiful! Instead of getting out from my life, I'm getting in.

Thanks to The Work, I'm open to experience the support that is everywhere. I live in much more trust that everything is happening for me.

I translated Tiger-Tiger, Is It True? by Byron Katie, to Hebrew, and love bringing it to classes and working with children around their stressful beliefs.

My journey continues as a facilitator, and it's a privilege to walk with you, witnessing your inner wisdom, finding your own answers, your own truth. Your joy, exploring your greatness, your strengths, and your gift to the world.

As a Certified Facilitator of The Work I work with individuals around the world (age 6 to 96) and groups.

I give courses and weekend workshops in different issues. Any issue can be questioned with The Work.

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Skype: batgal.ariel

Haifa, Israel