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In my late 50s, my life appeared on the outside to be a success story: My husband was a respected scientist, I had two intelligent and healthy children and three wonderful grandchildren; I was at the top of my field in my own profession, Department Head at a well-known fashion and design college, and involved in interesting research - yet I had reached the point where I felt that I could not continue with this way of life a moment longer: my body was hurting and screaming for help, I survived each day only with the help of pain killers, and I was so unhappy that I just wanted to complain and cry.

Today I thank myself for being able to understand that I desperately needed help.

In May 2006 Byron Katie came to Israel and I attended her two-day workshop. It was love at first sight. I was not able to comprehend what was happening, but I knew it was something magical. My immediate response was that I had to follow her. In October 2006, I attended my first nine-day School, and following that another four schools as a repeater and staff member. I tried my best to attend all of Katie's events in the ensuing months and enrolled into The Institute of The Work. I was certified in January 2010.

The Work has completely changed my life: 40 years of back pain and other symptoms of stress have simply disappeared. 40 years of an unhappy relationship with my husband is also receding into the past and a new one is taking its place. I live through Katie's words: do TW on yourself and others will follow, and this is what is happening in my life. While I work on myself, friends and family are drawn to me and ask for my help with their own lives. Today I am doing TW with my own daughter and her three children, as well as facilitating others from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and various problems.

I can personally witness to the fact that any person who chooses not to suffer any more can achieve this through TW, and I have seen amazing results with people of all ages.

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Ra’anana, Israel