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I began “searching” at 18 and went from religion to Freud, from Jung to Fischer-Hoffman, from Chopra to family Constellations. After 40 years of trying everything possible and still being unhappy, I found The Work: the search was over. The feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction that had underlined my life ended as I questioned my beliefs blew my story and settled into the Present. Three months after doing The School, I noticed that the Madwoman in the Attic was very quiet and my life settled around me like a comforter on a cold winter’s night. I spread my wings with The Work, translated the worksheets into Spanish and began giving Workshops in Madrid (2003). Since then, I have been dedicated to spreading this marvelous tool in Spanish (or English).

Although I was not introduced to The Work until after I had gone through most of the difficult times in my life (addiction, divorce, etc.), The Work was what finally swept the slate clean. So, I have seen how it works in difficult moments, and I have seen how it works on the continuing road to peace. The great thing about The Work is you don’t have to be cracking up for it to Work! So, begin now, before the hard times come, and you will be ready for them… if they ever come, and my bet is that with The Work you won’t even recognize them as “hard times”, just as another opportunity to realize yourself.

Even though I have been a writer since the beginning (9 books published), today I am almost totally dedicated to doing The Work, both with groups and individually, in person or by Skype. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have nothing better to do than The Work.

Contact Information: 

Phone: +34 605 547 310
Phone: +34 91 561 1773
Skype: bdomecq

Madrid, Spain