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The Work is the most powerful, life changing process I have ever experienced. When I was introduced to The Work I knew that this was what I had been looking for: a way out of confusion, fear and suffering.

Before The Work I did not know about self-love, did not know how to be my own friend. I was looking outside of myself for love, approval and appreciation, which only created more insecurity. Doing The Work daily gave me the gift of happiness, which I love to share with anybody who wants it. This inquiry, The Work of Byron Katie, is so simple, so easy to do. Children, and even my friend who has Alzheimer’s, have done it with me.

A friend from The Work showed me that my IQ is high. IQ for me stands for: I Question.

I love to ask my clients the four questions and watch them transform from being un-happy and stressed to being happy and peaceful. My Specialty is working with fear: “I am afraid to lose my job, my relationship,” “I am afraid that I won't have enough money,” “I am afraid of sickness/dying,” “I am afraid of not being supported.” These are just a few of many stressful thoughts I have investigated.

During the last 8 years I have facilitated hundreds of people. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups in person or on the phone. Come with your fears, confusion and desires to live a happy life. The Work will show you that all suffering is confusion. In The Work we will treat our stressful thoughts like we lovingly treat our children.

Contact me if you want to end your suffering.

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