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Yearning to find happiness in my life made me come to the United States of America many years ago after being a teacher for years at a university in Beijing, China. Even with all the hardships that I went through during the first few years in the U.S.—divorced soon after arriving, no money, being a single parent of a young daughter, working and studying at same time to support myself for another Master degree, and more. Even though I was re-building my life in a new country from zero, I had no doubt that I could achieve success and find my happiness when I got all the things I wanted in a new land. I was driven by hard work and dedication.

I was very goal oriented, my only thought was to achieve my goals one by one, the next goal was always the one I wanted, I lived in the future and did not truly enjoy my life very much. In a short few years, I got everything I thought would bring me happiness—married to a wonderful man who loves me dearly, a beautiful daughter who is excellent and wonderful in all areas, a great high-tech management job in one of U.S. Fortune 50 companies, surrounded by friends and family, living in a beautiful home in sunny California and more.

My life was picture-perfect from outside, but inside of me, I noticed I was still not as happy as I thought I should be, actually I was very stressed out, then I realized I must have looked for happiness in the wrong place. This realization sent me on my inner journey, since then I have followed some Eastern and Western spiritual teachings and I have gone through books, workshops, and a lot of spiritual buffets.

This searching for inner peace brought me to Byron Katie’s landmark book Loving What Is. Katie has not only told me that I have the answer within me, she shows me how to get to it. From that moment, I started applying The Work in every aspect of my life and every day I see the changes in my life. I started sharing The Work with people in U.S. and China. Now, after doing The Work on myself for years, I often experience peace and joy in my life. As a fellow traveler on the path to inner peace, I have been experiencing the power and the value of The Work as a guiding light for this journey.

My Eastern and Western cultural background has enriched my experiences with The Work. As a Certified Facilitator, I offer workshops on The Work through various methods including teleclasses and free educational events. Private personal consultations are available by appointment. I specialize in intimate relationships, parenting, family issues and workplace stress, and more. I also offer corporate training programs for employees and management based on The Work.

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