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Among all the therapeutic methods and spiritual paths I have encountered during the last 30 years I have found nothing as easy and effective as The Work. In the nineties, aware of the power of questioning, I was searching for questions that would lead me out of personal crisis into freedom. Previously I had used questioning techniques while working as a journalist for a psycho-spiritual magazine, as a family therapist and by myself in meditation ("who am I?").

In Byron Katie's work I found the questions that brought relief and showed me how to use the most troubling situations in my life to find inner wisdom and clarity. I have experienced the power of The Work in dealing with divorce, in being a single mother, with worries and fears, in taking care of my handicapped father, in dealing with criticism, most powerfully my own self-criticism, and with many other issues. The Work teaches me how to be true and kind to myself, how to stand up for myself and notice how my heart closes and I suffer when I believe stressful thoughts.

Working with the four questions and the turnaround has become central to my life. In 2000 I started to share with others what is most precious to me - this wonderful tool for self-knowledge and self-healing, this radical inquiry that deepens us, and makes us clear, authentic, and heart-centered.

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