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For 11 years I worked as a lawyer in an international firm and as business affairs manager in a multinational record company. In 1997, I gave up the practice of law in order to fully dedicate myself to meditation and the spiritual search. In 2004 I founded a Vipassana meditation center in Madrid, in which I still practice and teach. The Work came into my life in 2014. I started doing The Work occasionally when I had a problem or entanglement that made me suffer. I used The Work as a tool to understand and get rid of my suffering. I was fascinated with the efficiency of the method, how easy was to do it, and the high amount of insights I got in every session. I decided to go deeper and I started the Certification Program.

This was a big change for me because I started doing The Work every day.

However, since I didn't have problems to solve every day, I found myself doing The Work without a specific purpose. The initial willingness to attain results turned into a genuine curiosity to explore. My focus was not in getting something from it, but in the doing itself. I fell in love with The Work. I felt such a passion to inquire all types of thoughts. My attitude changed. This was a turning point for me. I deeply saw that The Work was not only an extremely intelligent and efficient tool but also and essentially a true meditation practice that, like the Vipassana I practice, requires determination, stillness, openness, and trust.

I am practicing the The Work for four years now. Its impact is huge. The main point is that my certainty about how me, others, and life should be, is getting dissolved. I don't really know. And in this not knowing I found an openness and a trust that I never imagined could exist. I feel so much wider. Inside of me there is room for thoughts and feelings, like guilt and judgement, that before were automatically rejected. There is more compassion to me and to others. When I feel criticized or attacked I can feel the pain and not jump automatically to justify or defend myself. I recognize more easily when I am relating to mental images instead of what I have right in front of my eves. There is an increasing awareness of my compulsion to do things right, my fear to fail, to be judged by others. I could go on and on. There is so much awareness and peace in my life.

If you feel that my experience can be useful for you, it will be an honor to do The Work with you. I offer presentation talks, group workshops, and individual sessions on Skype or telephone. If you are in Madrid we can meet if you like in El Observatorio, our meditation center, a beautiful and peaceful place in the center of the city.

I facilitate sessions in Spanish, English and French.

You are welcome to contact me.

Contact Information: 

Skype: conchita.curiel
whatsapp: +34 619 2464 38

Madrid, Spain