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The Work has been a life-changing tool in so many areas of my life. I met Katie 14 years ago and did The Work on my 78-year old mother. Thank God for that Work when my relationship with Mom went from pain to joy. Since then, I have been blessed with many wonderful years with Mom and at 93 she is still bringing joy into my life. I have recently been diagnosed with Cancer. The Work has been incredible in showing me how to live life in a state of peace and acceptance.

The Work has helped in all areas of my life. Relationships have always been a challenge and The Work gives me clarity here. I had a major financial issue where I lost most of life’s savings and was able to find peace in that experience. I welcome all issues that bring me my Work.

The Work is an old friend that just keeps giving. From my cancer diagnosis, to my financial loss, and my relationships, The Work has shown me how all of these issues are a true blessing. I take it with me everywhere I go and it has been there for every issue. I am a Life Coach and The Work is my favorite and most powerful tool in serving my clients.

My focus is to share The Work with those who are dealing with own personal sickness, disease and loss or with the family or friends who are going through this challenge.

I honestly believe that there isn’t any issue that can’t be resolved by questioning your thoughts. If you are dealing with challenges in your life that are causing you stress, suffering or pain. Let’s do The Work.

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