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Inquiry is the most effective and powerful tool I have encountered for dealing with how we perceive the world around us. Where I used to believe what I thought and just react unconsciously out of that, The Work has allowed me to understand how to take responsibility for my thoughts and experience of the world. What I’ve found most important is that it gives you a process for finding clarity and action, in even the most challenging situations and people. So often we can just ruminate or try to think our way through; this has instead given me a way to process all that mental chatter.

From using The Work, my life feels so much more grounded. I have far better insight into myself and am able to assert myself and communicate more clearly than before. I see now that all stress comes from believing our thoughts and that a questioned mind can understand what’s true, what isn’t, and where to go from there.

If you would like to work with me, I deliver both business and personal coaching using The Work. I have a business background and work with a range of individuals and companies, helping people improve how they handle criticism, manage difficult conversations, and assert themselves at work.

For personal clients, I am particularly focused on helping clients who want to reduce the conflict or arguments they are having in their life. Through inquiry I can help you question your thoughts about others and find new, clearer ways to tackle difficult life situations.

United Kingdom
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