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I was born in a family where the woman and the girl child did not get much respect and appreciation. I had many challenges during my childhood through my parents, sisters, relatives, teachers and neighbors.

During my adolescence , I was completely avoiding, ignoring my emotions. I always felt not belonging to anywhere. I was having trouble in my relationships with men. As being an engineer, I trusted my mind and what it says was true. I was believing all of my stressful thoughts such as "I am ugly", "I am not lovable", "There is no one in my life to support me ".

I had lots of anger (towards the world, God, the people ) which was suppressed in me. It was easy for me to lose my temper.

I had a huge longing to be able to fulfill the emptiness in me. Nothing was enough.

I had my own company, a nice home, car, and a good income, but still there was something missing. This longing brought me to the Breathwork, I became a trainer for Transformational Breathing®. I was also lucky to be at several workshops of Eckhart Tolle. Gradually , I started to experience something in me which was more than my thoughts, but still I needed to find a way to help me instantly so that I could be free of my stressful thoughts and the pain they created. In one of Eckhart’s workshops, he mentioned The Work of Byron Katie.

After The Work came into my life, doing it as a daily practice, I started to notice and welcome my stressful thoughts and emotions. I learned how to sit in an emotion and to let it be there. I was finally able to cut the vicious circle of my reactive behaviors. The more I do The Work, the more awareness, stillness, and peace grow in me. Day by day, I started to forgive myself and thus it became easy to forgive others and see the innocence we all share.

Here I am today, being in love with this beautiful soul. I am not my hair, my looks, my thoughts, my body anymore.

Freedom is such a great gift The Work gave me.

I am delighted to share my experience and to be at your service if / when we meet.

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Skype: emina.route66
email: info@emineaktas.com
website emineaktas.com

Istanbul, Turkey

New Year's Mental Cleanse

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29 December-1 January 2019