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Ernest Holm Svendsen


As far back as I can remember I was trying to be perfect. To be liked and approved of, to do well, to be enough. It was so deep in me, that I hardly even noticed it. I only noticed the effect: exhaustion. Everything I did became a testing ground. And I did a lot. By the age of thirty I was married, had three children and a successful career as an actor. I had written a bestseller, was a joint professor at the University, and was running my own company. I practiced various forms of meditation and therapy. I practiced T’ai Chi and Chi Kung. I was certified as an NLP master coach and I was working with myself in tons of different ways.

But it wasn’t enough.

There was always something missing. A deep, quiet suffering was constantly there, lurking in the background, almost hidden from view: “you should be better than this”.

And then I found The Work.

And the gentlest transformation began.

For the first time, I truly met myself. And I fell in love. That’s the best way I can put it. Not in the “suddenly everything was perfect” kind of sense. But in a tender sense. I began a sweet surrender as my layers of protection fell away and it turned out, that the perfection I was trying to achieve is already there. Everywhere. In abundance.

Today, The Work is what I do. Through workshops, training-programs, and in my work with individual clients, I share The Work wherever I can. I still get lost at times, but now I can find my way home. I find that it’s never more than a worksheet away. And my greatest joy is supporting others into the same experience. Into that deep sense of being at home in the world and the realization that everything is perfect, exactly as it is.

If you want to know more, please visit my website. Or even better, get in touch. In my experience, finding the right person to facilitate you is a matter of trust, chemistry, and connection. I don’t know any better way to test that out than by direct communication, so feel free to write, Skype, or call.

I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Information: 

Phone: +45 40524538
Skype: ernest_hs

Copenhagen, Denmark