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When I found The Work, my marriage (after thirty-two years) had hit the rocks; I couldn´t find a solution, neither to improve my relationship nor to leave it. In my job I experienced more and more difficulties and frustration and I had increasingly serious health problems. For years I felt helpless as I experienced my stressful thoughts. Meditation and/or positive affirmations helped, but only for a short time and I found myself right back with my old stressful beliefs and stories. "They should appreciate me..." "My husband should be more loving and understanding…" "My children should…".

Through practicing yoga I knew in theory that my own stressful thoughts were the reason of my suffering, but I had no effective tool to question my thoughts.

Then I found The Work—the four questions and turnarounds—and suddenly my stressful thoughts became an inexhaustible source of self-investigation. I watch my stressful thoughts and my experiences now with patience and understanding.

Doing The Work changed my whole life: whatever I experience now with my husband, friends or any other people, I do The Work if I feel stressed out. I do not have to blame others, I do not have to teach others any longer and I perceive it as real freedom to see the challenges of life no longer as haunting, irrevocable situations but as a chance to approach my inner truth and peace.

Today, in my own "Practice for Kinesiology, Educational Science & Stress Management" The Work is always my ´basic tool´—whether people come to me with learning disabilities, problems between parents and children, or problems in their partnership.

I offer one-on-one sessions as well as facilitations on the phone and on Skype.

I would love to do The Work with you on any issue and to accompany you in finding out how simple it can be to experience again the love of life!

Contact Information: 

Email: lernpaedagogik@gmail.com
Phone: 0043 (0)650 4084089
Skype: herta.meirer
Website: herta-meirer.at

Vienna, Austria