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Hiekyoung Blanz


As a dancer and teacher, I have been exploring the nature of body and movement in space for over twenty years now. In 2011, while searching for a tool to expand my teaching skills, I discovered The Work.

In all the years of focusing on the body, I had never asked myself how the mind affects the performance of a dancer. Two weeks before I decided to immerse myself in The Work, I injured my foot in a rehearsal and I couldn’t walk for the next three years. So I did the one thing that I could do while sitting—The Work. I committed myself utterly to the process, inquiring into the painful stories in my life to find the truths behind them.

I opened up to the abandoned 4-year-old girl and the self-destructive 7-year-old in me; and I felt once again the terror of the 10-year-old who had to leave home for a foreign continent. As I dug deeper, more and more painful stories surfaced: stories about the confused little girl and the insecure young woman struggling with relationships; stories about my family, my friends, and my body.

The four years of training to become a Certified Facilitator have been a time of profound liberation for me. I have engaged in the challenging process of stripping away the faulty layers of victim identities. I have gradually learned to take responsibility for my part in causing pain for myself, and others. I have become a dance teacher who has moved from the perception of dance as the dancer, to a perception of dance as just dance—expressing itself for itself without any goal or reason. And, most importantly, I am learning to live a life that is aligned with my heart’s desire.

Since accepting that my days as a professional dancer have come to a natural end, my heart has opened itself to a life dedicated to deepening and sharing the extraordinary blessings of The Work. In the beautiful mountain regions of Southern Germany, I have built—together with my husband— a retreat center, which we are currently transforming into the “House for The Work” (official opening: Fall 2015). Our program consists of everything from three-day introduction courses to the 28-day “Turnaround Month”. The intensive seminars are on the following topics:

  • Childhood and abandonment
  • Creativity, stage fright, fear of failure
  • Body, sickness, death
  • Partnership and sexuality
  • Parenting, children, family
  • Stress-reduction

If you wish to experience The Work for yourself, please contact me. I look forward to doing The Work with you.

Contact Information: 

Email: info@werkstattengel.de
Phone: +49 8303 8424 908
Skype: munchkinkim
Website: www.werkstattengel.de

Niedersonthofen, Bavaria, Germany