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From 2001 The Work has become an integral part of my life. Since then my thinking, and consequently my whole life, has became a lot more clear and simpler.

Before I started using The Work, I was a single mum of three kids, often desperate, stressed out and upset on how my life was evolving. My husband was an alcoholic at that time and had left me – and as the child of an alcoholic I surely had my part in the break-up of our marriage. At that time I had to earn money for the family not only during the day as a teacher for office management, but also giving evening classes on topics such as addiction prevention, parenting skills and conflict resolution. A new relationship also failed, most likely because I had still not resolved the issues around my codependency as a partner of an alcoholic. At that time I desperately wanted my life to be different. I knew well what others should do, how they should live their lives and how they should be. But I also had a clear expectation that the people around me were responsible for my personal happiness. And as you can probably imagine that did not work out.

After I started doing The Work in 2001 on a regular basis, I understood that the difficult relationships with my partners were there to teach me a lot of things about myself and today I can accept my former partners lovingly the way they are.

I also learned that I am ok the way I am and that I have wonderful kids despite the hard times we encountered from time to time, especially during their adolescence.

The Work also taught me to trust. Especially in situations in my life where I felt that I was pushed to my personal limits, I always came to understand that those situations also brought the potential for huge personal development. I came to trust that The Work can be used in every situation and with every so-called problem. It made me humble and grateful and has supported me to accept and love reality and life as it is. With the help of The Work, the education of my three kids worked well – that is at least what my kids are saying. And they are also using The Work at different degrees.

For more than a decade I am working extensively with parents and kids, women, men, couples, students, single parents, and also with family members of addicts. I support all those people in living their life and their relationships more easily and to gain more clarity in their thinking.

I am happy to support you in questioning your stressful thoughts and stories. Everything is welcome to inquiry.

I offer individual sessions (in German only) in Hettingen in Bingen in the South-West of Germany (95 km to Stuttgart, 75 km to Ulm, 65 km to Tuebingen, 70 km to Bodensee, lake constance) or via telephone or Skype anywhere in the world. For further information and regarding the fees for individual sessions, please refer to my website

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