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The first time I did The Work, there was an immediate shift and my guarded heart started to open. That was in 2009, and the shifts keep coming. Doing The Work leaves me with less of a story, less attachment to my beliefs, and more space to connect with myself, and with the world. Doing The Work guides me to what I can do, and who I can be, instead of arguing with reality and living in the pain of assumptions, expectations, blame, and resentment.

After my brother was murdered in 1983, I felt so traumatized and went into chronic disassociation with many episodes of severe depression. I kept everyone at a distance thinking I was protecting myself from more pain, and trying to control frustrations that became so intolerable for me. Doing The Work showed me that I was murdering my brother repeatedly in my mind and killing any chance for forgiveness, inner peace, and connection with the world. Rather than vivid images of his death, I have vivid images of his life and enduring love. When I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2010, The Work took care of any cancer that showed up in my mind so I could welcome that experience with curiosity, courage, and informed choices. I’ve learned that losses are beginnings, that not knowing can be a relief to welcome possibilities, and how to get into my business instead of assuming the role of an all knowing, all powerful god—ouch! My happiness is my business. I no longer dump that responsibility onto others and blame them for not being able to do the impossible. One of the biggest issues I’ve been sitting with in inquiry is my son’s addiction to heroin. I’ve experienced pure grace in loving him without the need and desperation to change him or the situation. I’ve often thought and imagined he’s died some horrific death, or living a horrific life. Without The Work, it’s me living and dying in horror to every moment. Doing The Work allows my thinking to die, and without the horror. It’s saved our relationship. I know that love remains whether my son’s earthly body lives or dies. It’s been one of my greatest teachers. It’s been a source of inspiration increasing my capacity for compassion and to serve others. All these experiences, and more, have guided me to see beauty and beautiful ways to turn things around. Have you heard the saying, “The truth can set you free?” It sure can! The Work supports and enhances all other self-care practices, and remains the cornerstone to finding the answers that can undo my stories and misunderstandings. And it’s available anywhere, anytime. What a gift! Finding relief from where and how I was has been an amazing renewal into an innocence, gentleness, and playfulness that feels more natural. With each inquiry, there’s more. It’s very exciting! I trust the process of The Work to be a direct way to peace and transformation.

There’s been no trauma, loss, or stress that has not been met and held safely and wholly in Inquiry. As a psychotherapist (LCSW), and personally, I’ve done The Work on Depression, Divorce/Loss/Death, Loneliness, Addiction, Blame, Guilt, Shame, Inferiority, Insecurity, Illness, God, Anger, Anxiety, Conflict, Violence, Communication, Parenting, and Relationships. My experience repeatedly is that The Work works! It has been for me, and in sharing with others, the most profound, deep, lasting and transformative process. It’s been the HOW of change. It’s been the HOW to love myself, and others. It’s been the HOW to live a happier life. It’s an honor and joy for me to do The Work with you. I love to share The Work, and to experience how it shines a light into any darkness. It’s a way to find the clarity and answers that bring understanding, all from within, all that is within each of us. It’s a gift of love. It’s a gift we can give ourselves and share with others.

I offer individual and group sessions at my home, by phone, Skype, zoom, etc., as well as host a Meetup on the third Wednesday of the month in Scottsdale, AZ.Come join us! Community gatherings and presentations are arranged as well. I invite you to consider your own freedom, to be moved by inspiration, and to contact me. Let’s do The Work. I look forward to speaking with you soon. With gratitude, and love … Joanne

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