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Before I met The Work of Byron Katie I was what you might call a spiritual seeker, educated in a Christian environment. I practiced mind control, positive thinking, I was initiated into Buddhism and Yoga. I became a yoga teacher, I made spiritual pilgrimages, I studied psychology ... that failed to assuage my deep feeling of loneliness, that inner sadness that I turned off and deep in me kept separate from the people who were around me.

My whole life had taught me not to judge—that was not good—and what I did was to judge all the time. When I discovered The Work, it was like a liberation. I could judge with a secure tool that could treat all those judgments. I understood intellectually that the others were a mirror for me, reflecting that which I did not want to see me. When I started with The Work, I joined them, and I really understood.

This got me out of my role as victim and my melancholy. The Work helped me in many areas in my life, helped me deal with my beliefs such as I'm not good enough, I need more money ... helped me with my work, in my relationship with money, in my divorce, the relationship with my children in the full acceptance of them, in my new relationship. I remember how I used The Work to judge women, I needed them, as they should be and behave ... and this led me to have a current relationship with my partner as never before dreamed.

My main job is as a teacher. I teach future educators how to care for children ages 0 to 6 years, and I teach and share The Work through seminars, presentations, and face both individual sessions and via Skype.

I invite you to judge and inquire about any aspect that you feel is not right in your life. And for me it is an honor to do it with you.     

Contact Information: 

Phone: +34 655 70 20 90
Skype: josebaidoyaga

Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain