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Juan Manuel Ruigómez


I do The Work because I love being happy.

I found The Work in 2011 at a very confusing time in my life. Apparently I was successful, both personally and professionally as a lawyer, but I wasn't happy. Deep inside me I was a bundle of fear. I had a constant feeling of groundlessness that left me always needing to be ‘right’ so as to feel safe. Not only was I suffering myself; I was also affecting those I loved most, my wife and kids.

Fortunately, a friend told me about The Work and I ended up at the July 2011 School. Since then, I've had an amazing journey. The Work has taught me how to dive inside and question my mind, learning how to break the spell of those chains of thoughts about relationships, health, parenting, money … that caused all my suffering. It gave me a simple method I can follow by myself so that I no longer have to fall into despair, depression, anger, or fear. Thanks to The Work, I've been able to sail safely through the (apparent) storms of sickness, surgery, bankruptcy, and especially the sickness and death of my wife Amparo in 2013, after a year with cancer. Just a Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet in a moment of open-mindedness showed me the way: all I had to care for were my own thoughts about her and her illness, about being single again, about my future, and the future of our three children.

The rainy days still strike me sometimes. But they never hold me down for long. Just by questioning my stressful thoughts, I now know my way back to sanity.

The Work has also brought meaning to my life. I want to support others by sharing The Work. I am enjoying deepening my journey into service, watching as my life becomes friendlier, safer, and easier.

I live in Madrid, Spain, and I would love to share my experience of The Work with you, either through individual sessions (in person, or via skype) or workshops. I am open to deal with issues such as health, parenting, money, grief, rejection, and many others. Be prepared to be surprised. Come and see how life is being good to you as it is right now.

Contact Information: 

Email: jm@ruigomez.com
Phone: +34 633009977
Skype: juanmar328

Madrid, Spain