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When I came across The Work in 1999, I was still grieving the death of my first baby. Through questioning my beliefs about his death I turned my thoughts and feelings around and to my surprise was able to embrace with love the worst that can happen to a parent. Through the subsequent childless years, I continued to do The Work, and also trained as an Art Psychotherapist.

When my two other children were born it was a shock to face the reality of parenting. It felt so difficult, and I was confused because having children had been something I had longed for and mourned for so deeply. I can confess to having one too many angry moments with my children until I sat down and really began to focus and do The Work on parenting and my children. I realized I had picked up a lot of unhelpful beliefs about parenting, from my own parents, from society, and simply from my own confused mind. My stress levels were skyrocketing and that clearly didn’t sit well with me. Each time I paused and stopped to inquire, afterwards I noticed how different I was, how much more peaceful I became with my children and myself. As I questioned my stressful thoughts, clear thinking developed about my children and my parenting abilities. I also studied, read and talked to psychotherapists, coaches and parenting experts, and it has taken time, commitment and investment to change my habits of parenting, to undo what I thought were the right ways to do things. This study, learning and questioning of my stressful beliefs continues every day with my children as my greatest teachers. It is a privilege to be able to offer you The Work so you too can question your thoughts and bring about lasting changes for you and your family.

If you sometimes despair about how difficult you find your children and get to the end of the day exhausted, fed up and short tempered, then let The Work offer a way through those stressful moments. Believe me I’ve been there! In those moments do you love or hate your job as a parent? So if you would like to have a better relationship to your children and want to drop the worry and guilt about being good enough or getting it right then The Work is for you.

Through The Work you can find peaceful ways to be with and enjoy your children. Ways to connect, communicate, have fun and truly enjoy the gift they are in your life. I would be delighted if you want to take a pause from your busy life to inquire with me, Kathy White. Join me to do The Work for your peace, your children’s peace and for your family’s peace and happiness.

I offer a free half hour introduction session and parent coaching packages. Please contact me for further information.

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