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My first experience with The Work happened in Mallorca at a retreat with Ralf G. and Chris S. During that time I was really struggling in life. I was 32 years old, facing a big financial crisis, in a codependent marriage, frustrated in a sales job, and I felt deeply desperate. I was not able to take good care of myself and had the tendency to often say “yes” when it didn’t feel right. I saw myself as a victim and my mind was so involved in the business of others, mostly my loved ones that were closest to me. There was a strong inner voice that told me that I needed a shift and I did not know how.

During the week with Ralf and Chris I experienced deep inner peace, I have no words to adequately describe how deeply I was touched. I understood that if I can experience this peace through questioning my thinking (the world at home still being as it was) that to me it meant that this peace is available to anyone. I learned that I was able to observe my thoughts and that I was not my thoughts. I realized that what I believed was reality was only a very small glimpse of reality. One year later I attended the School and experienced Katie for the first time. After some months I was better able to be honest in my yeses and nos and to express what worked for me and what didn’t. I quit my job, my marriage ended, and in 2011 I left Berlin to move to Mallorca to work with Ralf and Chris.

For the first time in my life I began living alone in a small and quiet village. It was challenging for me to be alone with myself and I am deeply grateful for the certification program offered through the Institute for The Work. It provided me with a space where I could question my concepts, face my fears, learn about how the mind works and experience more and more freedom while immersed in the program.

This ongoing process of doing a lot of inner-work, with myself and others, has resulted in a radical shift. I love how life has unfolded in the last years. What I take away from The Work and The Work Community is how to live a life based on love, trust, self-realization, honesty to both myself and others, understanding, and being of service.

I now share The Work with others in seminars in Mallorca or via Skype sessions. For me there are no special topics—I am open to any topic and I would love to facilitate you.

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Skype: kerstin.esser8

Mallorca, Spain