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When in 2010, at the age of 70, The Work of Byron Katie came into my life, it was like a magical slide of an inside zipper connecting my two seemingly opposing sides, my mind and my heart. A long exhausting internal war came to an end.

At 45, in the middle of a seemingly happy life, I experienced suddenly a radical inner shift. Up to then a fully committed successful business manager in a global company, my motivation faded away quickly. At the same time I questioned my marriage. An intense longing for peace and freedom overcame me.

Shortly thereafter, as guided by an invisible hand, I changed my life radically. Divorce, resignation from my job, move from Italy, where I was born and I had lived up to then, to Germany, to a totally new environment.

I started my own business, began to meditate, attended many courses and programmes for my self-realization. Despite all the different methods and techniques I learned, I continued to feel under pressure.

At the end of 2010 one day I ordered by chance a DVD of Byron Katie. Watching the video with my wife Karin, we were literally overwhelmed. We started immediately to do The Work by learning, training, and daily practice. From that time on The Work began to simplify and pacify my life.

Since I identified and questioned deep rooted beliefs related to a traumatic experience in my childhood, my self-esteem increased and my defensiveness and fear of people waned.

In my relationship with my wife we live the paradox of being fully self-responsible and deeply connected. In addition to our personal Works we do regularly Partner-Works. That is the most powerful way I can imagine for partners to clear themselves as well as their relationship.

Through The Work I have learned to listen to my heart and with my heart. That has transformed, for example, my relationship with my 49 years old son from restraint to compassion. My tense relationship with my ex-wife in earlier years has become open and supportive. In 2014 burglars had broken up our house, and it was very easy for me to handle the situation. There were no resentments towards them, my mind remained clear. And one little thing I enjoy: when driving my car others now can do what ever they do, I stay peaceful.

I love to facilitate business people doing The Work. Being active as a business coach for many years, The Work has become the core of my coaching activity. I am deeply touched witnessing rational minded managers going beyond their intellectual thinking, uncovering the perceived outside obstacles as the mirror of their own beliefs and coming to themselves, to their heart.

In addition to my coaching activity, I offer, together with my wife, The Work Sunday-matinees and one-day and week-end introductory seminars. I support couples to clear their relationship, facilitating them in their Partner-Works. Being grown up bilingual—german and italian—I love to offer The Work to Italian speakers.

We can meet in my coaching house in the nature, near to Hannover, Germany—or by Skype or phone.

If you feel interested, please call or write me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact Information: 

Email: k.weyler@coaching-hannover.de
Phone: +49 5139 893923
Skype: klausweyler
Website: www.coaching-hannover.de

Burgwedel (near to Hannover), Germany