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Kornelia Freyenberg


As a Speech-Communication Trainer and a Systemic Counselor, I see The Work as the most effective, simple, and yet powerful and profound way out of stressful thoughts and beliefs.

Since I started living with The Work in 2001 in all my affairs, I have not discovered one single thought that I couldn’t put up against Inquiry. From earliest childhood on with the experience of addiction in my family of origin I strongly believed very painful thoughts like “Everybody will leave me”, “It’s all my fault”, “I should not live”, “I need his/her attention”, “I have to do it all alone”, “ I can’t do it all by myself.”, I have to be perfect” … and of course, all of this showed in my life: breakups, divorce, co-dependency, workaholism, depression, allergies, burnout, loss of career and a lot of emotional and physical pain for a long time. My academic studies, further education, therapies, and my work as a professional helper were afflicted with this, gave a little relief but could not really dissolve it.

With The Work, eventually I found the way back to one of my best friends: myself. Today I love being with myself, living a much more balanced life, watching my thoughts and I love to witness this tremendous shift in other people when they discover their own truth. I don’t have to find answers for others any more, today I’ve got something much better: the right questions!

As a Certified Facilitator, I practice The Work on a daily basis with others on the phone, face to face, or via the Internet – all kinds of topics are possible and desirable.

Because of my life experience the emphasis(es) can be on:

  • Addiction and Co-Dependency (The Work covers all 12 steps of Recovery Programs)
  • Work, Loss of Job, Unemployment
  • Self-Employment, Autonomy, Management
  • Money, Competition
  • Relationships: Partner, Friendship, Parents-Children, Work-Relationships
  • Pain – emotional and physical, Sickness, Aging, Death
  • Fear, Anger, Resentment
  • Loneliness vs. Solitude, Self-Hatred vs. Self-Love
  • Existential Crisis, Spirituality, God

I look forward to facilitate The Work with you. Please get in touch with me!

Kornelia Freyenberg – Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie, Speech-Communication-Trainer (DGSS), Family Counsellor (SGST)

Contact Information: 

Email: mail@kornelia-freyenberg.de
Phone: +49 (0)5121 678 7034
Skype: korneliafr
Website: http://www.kornelia-freyenberg.de

Hildesheim, Germany