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Before 2004, I hated where I lived (Tijuana), I was extremely resentful, depressed and angry. I couldn’t understand my 17 year old daughter; I hated myself and consequently I fell out of love with my husband of 28 years of marriage. I became apart from him, my family and my friends.

Then The Work of Byron Katie and I met in 2004, and a series of miracles happened! After school on my return to Tijuana, everything seemed different, I even saw a more beautiful city, I fell in love again with my husband. My daughter and I became very close again and I found joy, love and laughter again. Resentment vanished and I could forgive. As my husband says: “I have never seen you so peaceful and I will continue to support you in this amazing journey as I’m the first to enjoy it through you!”

With The Work I have been able to share it in a Rehabilitation Center for Addictions (Detox House) for over 2 years, working with men who lived on the streets and gang members, most of whom had been in jail. I have also used The Work on myself and my clients dealing with sexual abuse, substance abuse, suicide, death, betrayal, homosexuality (being or having a relative), extreme physical pain, illness, seizures, becoming blind, job loss, kidnapping, robbery and rape, etc.

I have been giving self-help workshops on Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Family Constellations, Empowering the Self since 1996 to more than 2500 participants, on creating peace and loving relationships.

I will be honored to share this amazing tool as a peaceful movement. I give regular workshops and weekend workshops in Mexico City and other countries too! I am available to facilitate individual, couples and children session in person, by phone and / or Skype. Give yourself the gift of your life! The power of truth It would be a privilege to work with you.

Contact Information: 

Phone: (52) 55 51 71 73 36
Skype: lauragarzalimon

Mexico City, Mexico