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When I found The Work in 2006, I felt immediately drawn to it. The transformation that took place as Katie asked the questions was absolutely astonishing. Although my mind could not comprehend what had happened I knew that that was what I had been seeking.

My life appeared successful on the outside. I had a beautiful home, a family and a successful career. On the inside I was full of complaints. I felt empty, confused, unhappy, and helpless. On top of all that I felt guilty for feeling the way I did. As a result I was depressed and felt physically tired and unmotivated. I functioned like that for many years.

I joined the Institute for the Work (ITW) in 2008 to deepen my Work and in the hope of finding more peace. It took me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

The Work has been transformative. I had an estranged and very conflicted relationship with my father for years. As I continued doing The Work on my beliefs about him, I found myself seeing him without any of those painful judgments I had held against him. Words cannot describe the joy I felt when all those belief of so many years fell away.

I continued doing The Work on several other areas in my life. As a result I became closer to my siblings and most importantly to myself. In this process I began to have more compassion and kindness for myself and others.

The Work has opened me to feedback. I communicate clearly what I want. I take responsibility for my state of being (my emotional state). I have moved to a more loving place where I no longer feel drawn to find refuge in being a victim. I feel more peaceful, joyful, lighter, and connected with myself. I also have noticed how my acceptance and love for myself continues to grow. My husband and family continue to be my teachers and show me where I need to do The Work. Now whenever I experience stress I am more calm, I recognize I have more work to do, and will question my beliefs. I am immensely grateful to have the practice of The Work in my life.

I offer individual sessions through Skype, phone, or in person. I also offer workshops in my local community. You can also find me on The Work Helpline. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and to do The Work with you.

I live in Tampa, Florida. I also offer workshops in, Bogotá, Colombia twice a year.

United States
Contact Information: 

Phone: 813.984.1121
Skype: liliana2060

Tampa, Florida