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By inquiring my thoughts I have noticed that my suffering stems from one common core issue: not wanting what reality is apparently presenting to me. Desperately resisting reality and having a longing for it to be different than what it is. Through working with participants and clients I realised that it is the same for them. This is certainly not a new finding, the old wisdom scriptures talk about the cause of all suffering being resistance to what is, or wanting what is not. However, they did not provide a “how-to manual” to deal with this apparently complex issue. For me, this is the gap The Work of Byron Katie bridges. The Work is a simple, highly effective, and powerful way to alleviate suffering: the manual the ancient teachers did not provide.

In my experience, the cause of all my suffering is what I am thinking and believing. This might be a hard to hear message for some people, especially when they currently do suffer. However, I have noticed that I cannot let go of stressful thoughts and that trying to overwrite them with positive thoughts only leads to short-term relief. To be able to see that my belief is not true, or to see that the opposite is even truer, leads to a joyful shift. The ‘old’ belief starts to fade away, the thought lets go of me. In those moments I noticed lightness, an accepting and loving heart, I feel joyful, the tears of grief transform to tears of gratitude. Finally resting at Home, in my peaceful truth.

It touches me deeply to witness someone inquiring their stressful thoughts with courage and an open mind. To witness their shift when their story becomes more friendly or even transforms from a stressful thought to the best thing that could ever happen. Seeing you is seeing me. Witnessing others often transforms my life too, this is why I love to bring The Work to groups and individuals. As your facilitator of The Work, the service I offer is to help you stay in the process of doing The Work. As a guide I support you in inquiring your thoughts and to find your own answers, your own truth. In addition, I support you to learn to apply The Work on your own, so you can utilize The Work where and whenever you need it.

How come I do not promote a specific topic like money, stress, business, relationship etc.? In my experience, every aspect of life can be served simply by questioning stressful thoughts.

I am available to facilitate The Work with individuals by phone, Skype, or in person. I also offer presentations, workshops, and training for groups, couples, businesses, non-profit organizations, families, or other.

In addition to facilitating The Work, I serve as a mediator focusing on conflict prevention, reconciliation, and healing relationships (couples, families, groups, and organizations).

Please contact me for a free consultation if you would like to explore the possibilities of working together.

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