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Margot Diskin


When The Work entered my life in 2009, my life on the surface was functioning well. However, deep inside I felt as if I was constantly carrying a big heavy slab of concrete in my chest. I was convinced that I was ‘doing time’ here on earth—not a bad place, just not home—that I didn't belong, that I was here by mistake, just an inconvenience to people with nothing much to offer.

This affected my relationships with relatives, friends and partner and left me rebellious, defensive, emotionally shut down, lonely and isolated. I tried various techniques on myself and others to alleviate these feelings. While they always proved very useful, I was still left with a deep feeling of grief and despair. I never seemed to experience a shift, I wasn't reaching the core.

I found myself at The School for The Work in March 2009 and the deeply entrenched beliefs started to leave me. By the end of The School, I was seeing the world and people around me in a totally different light, it all looked so gentle and inviting. What also changed radically was the way that I perceived myself. I physically felt different: lighter, more alive. On an emotional level, I felt very peaceful, open to others and filled with gratitude for this life.

Since then, I have been practicing The Work with diligence on every subject, whenever I feel stress coming on, or just for the sheer pleasure of getting to know myself and my world better. It works every single time!

In my early twenties, I spent nearly three years in Tanzania, East Africa. It was a profound experience for me and later when I discovered The Work, I immediately could see how valuable a tool it would be and how it could contribute to the wellness of the African people whom I love so much. I am now involved in moving The Work in Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe with the support of local organizations, and looking for more destinations.

I am French and I have lived most of my adult life in Ireland. I am also a homeopath and EFT practitioner and trainer in practice since 1999 and I am experienced in running workshops and courses. It is now clear to me that The Work is the tool I had been waiting for and it is my favorite modality.

I offer The Work in French and English. It is a universal tool and can be used on any stressful situation and I am open to taking you through the process no matter what your life circumstances are or have been. I have a particular interest in the following:

  • trauma
  • difficult childhood
  • couple relationships
  • addictions
  • lack of self-esteem
  • anxiety
  • grief, sadness, and depression
  • suicidal tendencies.

I am open to giving presentations, workshops and teleclasses to groups big or small. I offer one-on-one sessions over Skype or phone. They typically last an hour or an hour and a half. Please contact me for more information. I look forward to our paths crossing.

Contact Information: 

Phone: +353 87 97 67 281
Skype: margot.diskin

France and Galway, Ireland