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I love life. Also the life I've lived. I have always found it delicious (and still) to learn, to develop myself and to do that in reciprocity with other people. And of course there were in my life less pleasant events, just as anyone experiences. Such as burnout, panic attacks, divorce, a bad mother relationship. In a learning way, I dealt with this. So I followed therapies and various courses to further develop myself. All this brought me knowledge, expertise and experience. I would not have missed anything of it.

In the years between 2004 and 2006 I wanted a different twist to do my work and I did not know how. It was a period of confusion and uncertainty. I went through it on a known and trusted way for me: I followed another course and I asked an expert, therapeutic skilled coach to guide me. But my old recipes were found not to work. I became more confused and only increased my uncertainty. In these troubled times, I came to a point in contact with The Work. I was at home at the computer and for the first time I filled out a worksheet about the coach whose recent guidance had not helped me at all. My first research with the four questions and the turnaround hit like a bomb. It was as if I entered a new space of possibilities and things that I had never seen before.

The Work is a daily practice for me. This practice brings me freedom to receive criticism. The Work is also great support to me when I want to change reality. For example if I want or expect something from others and they don’t give or don’t do it. I can look differently now and I have new ways to deal with that kind of situations.

The four questions and the turnaround—in a mutual process with each other—always brings me back to my brightness and my natural strength. The Work makes me aware of daily living and working in love.

I work as a trainer and coach for personal development in a professional environment. I look forward to doing The Work together. Each theme is welcome, particularly issues such as prolonged stress, burnout, change management, leadership, conflict, relationship problems, pleasing behaviours, giving and receiving feedback, admiration and envy, rivalry and competition.

I do The Work in Dutch, English, German or French.

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Skype: margreet.van.persie