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Marianne Blokvoort


Throughout my adult life I had been pursuing personal fulfillment by seeking approval and love from the people in my life, educating myself and going to therapy to heal my emotional wounds. While continuing to search for answers, I stumbled upon The Work of Byron Katie in 2005. I read about it, became enthusiastic and decided to attend the School for The Work in Germany that same year.

To my surprise, joy, and happiness, The Work brought me a powerful way to investigate my thinking which no education, training or therapy had brought me up till then. The Work brought me to the realization that I am the source of my own happiness. By investigating my stressful thoughts, I naturally learned how to change my way of living and to love what is. I found that I am the only one whose approval of and love for myself makes a difference in my life. I ended the fight with reality that caused uncertainty, sorrow or pain and started accepting and dealing with facts as part of this life I‘m living. My relationships with my loved ones, not-so-loved ones, friends and clients continue to shift as I continue to do The Work. Now I see that, as Byron Katie puts it, the universe is friendly.

My professional background includes working for many years as a Human Resources Manager in corporations and non-profit organizations. I use The Work today in my work as a personal coach, trainer, management and organizational advisor, supporting clients to their own inner wisdom where there is no competition, only a growing personal pursuit to live their own lives.

Please contact me if you want to do The Work.

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Phone: +31 6 21 44 97 98
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Amsterdam, Netherlands