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Just for a few minutes… imagine living your life without anger, fear, or dissatisfaction, and in a state of calm, kindness and gratitude, looking forward to what will arise at the next corner of your life? That is what I began to experience in 2004 when The Work of Byron Katie crossed my path.

Since that time, day after day, thought after thought, I am again and again astonished by The Work and its simplicity, efficacy and efficiency. Day after day, thought after thought, I become freer. I came to realize that all my suffering originates in my thoughts and with arguing with what is.

Before The Work I used to blame, judge, complain, control, and attack the world, others, and myself. Today, with The Work, I am open,--I listen, I understand and I am so much kinder with the world, others and myself. Today, my relationships are easier and more loving. More, I have a lot of enthusiasm and energy available to do everything.

It's a privilege for me to share with you this amazing experience that will set you free by finding your own answers to four simple questions and turnarounds. I am the president of the French Association for The Work. This purpose of this asociation is to share and to move The Work in France. We organize regular evening workshops and week-end workshops. I am available too for individual sessions by phone or Skype if you want to work on your stressful thoughts. It would be my privilege to work with you.

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Phone: +33(0)687420685
Skype: marielanebleau

Fontainebleau, France