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Marieke Voskamp


Before I got to know The Work I was close to a burnout. I was always afraid of not being good enough. I was also very judgmental of myself and others on what I thought was ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. After long days at work I couldn’t let go of thinking about my job when I got home. I had thoughts about what I still had to do and thoughts about what others would think of me. Someone recommended to me to book some sessions with a professional facilitator for The Work.

Only after one session something in me changed and I was doing better. The first thing I realised through doing The Work was that I was trying to think for others all the time. I noticed how that made me very confused. I could never be sure what they were thinking. It cost me so much energy. This insight helped me to take back responsibility for my life. The effect of doing The Work regularly was that I made contact with myself, with my feelings and my wishes. I started communicating clearly with others, and saw different perspectives of what I first only saw from one side.

The way The Work supported me in getting healthy again inspired me to continue to do The Work and apply it on other themes in my life. It has helped me since then and I still do The Work as a daily practice. I now live with peace of mind, I am a more gentle person to be with for me and others. I see the world with a clear mind and that gives me so many possibilities, especially in (apparent) difficult situations.

I used to work as an auditor and later as a financial controller (until 2014). Now, as a Certified Facilitator, I offer individual sessions worldwide over the phone or via Skype. I also work in person. Furthermore, I offer workshops in business settings, workshops for groups of individuals, and together with my husband, I offer the German ‘Ausbildung zum Coach für The Work of Byron Katie (VTW)’.

In sessions all issues are welcome. I am a specialist in Business/Job issues of any kind, and also issues like relationships, family, and stress with learning and studying have been important themes of my own work.

Don't hesitate to call me or contact me when you want to experience The Work.

Contact Information: 

Phone: 0049-157 89315115
Phone: 0049-2162 8975166
Skype: marieke.voskamp

Viersen, NRW, Germany and Netherlands