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Since 2002 The Work is one of the most important tools in my life. It helps me to keep my thinking clear, to see my responsibilities, and to stay in my own business. With The Work I can see reality without my negative thoughts: as strong, friendly, and supportive. Using The Work I overcame fears and traumas; the relationship with my parents changed from critical into very loving; the relationship with myself, my partner, and friends is more friendly; I feel more free, open, confident, and connected. My experience is that every stressful thought can be inquired and I am always surprised by the insights I get during the process. The outcome—reality—is always kinder than I think.

I teach Dutch psychologists and psychotherapists how to use The Work in their practice with clients and for their own issues. I am convinced that The Work is a very powerful tool to deal with stressful thoughts and emotions.

In 2016 my Dutch book about The Work Inquired Based Stress Reduction—The Work of Byron Katie in Psychotherapy was published by editor Hogrefe.

I am a Dutch clinical psychologist (M.A.), licensed psychotherapist BIG, and cognitive behavior therapist; living in Portugal.

If you want to learn how to use The Work, please contact me.

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Phone: +351 96 735 7978
Skype: marieodiel

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