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I tried to run away from home at the age of four. I did run away from home when I was 18. The reason behind it was that I was looking for myself. I told everyone I was looking for myself. I was looking everywhere, except for inside me. I was addicted to my story. I clung to drama and relationships, trying to find me. Eventually, through different ways, I found a balance within, but I still had the feeling that I was not free. The Work came into my life just when I was having problems letting go of my adult son.

Needing to be right and believing in thoughts about what a mother should do was causing lots of problems in my relationship with my son. I took a worksheet, filled it up and sat in front of Katie only to find out that I was suffering because of my thinking. This was a huge revelation and the key to my freedom. Since then, no more morning anxiety, no more pain, no more suffering. My mind has become an inviting, serene ocean. I get very excited just looking around and experiencing life! With wonder and grace. The Work has really worked for me.

During the last four years I have facilitated many people. I work with individuals, families and groups, in person or on the Skype. The Work has helped to stop pain in many relationships and brought peace to many lives. It's about freedom, no more being a victim, taking responsibility, letting go, and having an open and free mind. 
As Katie says "the thoughts that make us suffer leave us after the inquiry..." It is such a freedom...

Feel free to contact me if you want to experience this.

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