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Michelle Spurling


I have been a student of The Work since 2006 when I discovered Byron Katie's book I Need Your Love—Is That True? at the library. During that time, I believed if I could just get a man to love me, all my problems would be solved. Having grown up in a family with generations of addiction, abuse, and PTSD, I was living a life of pain, shame, and isolation.

Since finding The Work, I learn to take back the job of loving myself rather than forcing it on others. I attended my first School and joined ITW in 2015, and now The Work is a central part of my life. The more I practice The Work, the more fear, limitations, and isolation are replaced with courage, possibility, and connection. Other practices and service that have been supportive are 12 step groups, Buddhist meditation communities, Improv acting, volunteering in hospice and on a suicide hotline. I have experience as a vegan cook, petsitter, and caregiver of children and elderly.

I love to do The Work as much as possible and look forward to connecting with anyone who feels moved to connect with me!

United States
Contact Information: 

Email: veganmetta@gmail.com
Google voice number: 925.402.1102
Skype: michelle73sp
website: michellespurling.com

Lafayette, CA USA