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What first drew me to The Work in 2005, and what I still so love about it, is its utter simplicity, which poses such a contrast to its transformational potency and depth.

Over the past years since discovering The Work, whenever I felt stressed, stuck, frustrated, hurt, angry, or even desperate, regarding any type of stressful situation, circumstance, or relationship, this deceptively simple-looking key has reliably been able to unlock tightly closed doors within me. Whatever had looked like a hopeless, dismal place just a moment ago, would effortlessly open up, revealing a surprising world of unexpected kindness, caring, connection, peace, and support—a world stimulating my curiosity, exploration, playfulness and creativity.

Witnessing how fundamentally my whole life experience is shaped by my thoughts and beliefs, and the power and effects of questioning and shifting these beliefs, has been and continues to be absolutely fascinating.

After many years of doing The Work, the former brick walls of my stressful thoughts and perspectives, whenever they appear nowadays, seem to consist simply of doors waiting to be opened, inviting me to see and explore what is beyond them.

What I also love about doing The Work is that the whole spectrum of our stressful thoughts, memories, experiences, and emotions may be brought to it, identified, expressed, felt, seen, heard, and met with understanding—from tears of frustration and sadness, fear, fits of anger, tantrums of desperation, to happiness, feelings of peace, empowerment and excitement, curiosity, and even tears of laughter and relief.

Areas I have done The Work on in my own life include: relationships and friendships; career and life purpose, money issues and poverty; depression, self worth, approval seeking and guilt; gender issues, sexuality and sexual trauma; fear of rejection, anger and conflict; death and dying; pregnancy, childbirth and parenting; cultural identity and belonging.

I grew up in Germany, lived in New Zealand for about three years, and have been living in the Netherlands since 2006. I have a professional background in social work. Interests and passions of mine include animals and nature, interspecies communication, spirituality and metaphysics, feng shui, aikido, gardening, and unschooling. I love spending time with my partner and our two sons, having fun together, exploring, learning, and following our joy moment to moment.

Doing The Work over the years has brought more sweetness, love, generosity, ease, playfulness, joy, and clarity into all of these areas, most of all my relationship with my partner and children. It has allowed me the gift of loving, trusting and supporting them just as they are, rather than trying to control and mold them to my expectations.

One of the major challenges throughout my life has been seeing myself as different from other people, not fitting into the societal mainstream. This often led to feelings of disconnection, worthlessness, isolation, and a sense of victimhood. Reacting with anger and accusations towards mainstream society or individuals for not being inclusive enough seemed like an appropriate, healthy response many years ago, and the only expression of power available to me.

Doing The Work has put me in touch with a different kind of power that is always already available within me. It is a power that does not seek to defend, preach, oppose, dominate, segregate, or win. Rather, it naturally includes, integrates and connects. This power is synonymous with joy, peace, and unconditional love.

I invite you to discover and connect to this power within yourself.

If you would like to do The Work with me, please contact me.
I am available to do The Work together by Skype, phone, or in person, indoors or outdoors, amongst the trees in the beautiful forest near my house.

Contact Information: 

Email: mimilotta@yahoo.com
Phone: 0031-(0)6-4287 9039

Nijmegen, The Netherlands