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When the work met me, I finally discovered after several therapies and trainings, an approach that has radically changed my life, and my practice as a Psychologist. Realising that the underlying cause of all suffering is a thought has revolutionized the perception of my difficulties, as well as those of the people with whom I live and work.

At the same time I began to put it into practice for myself, I also proposed The Work to my clients. Deeply touched by its power, effectiveness, and wonderful simplicity. I quickly joined the Institute for the Work to deepen my practice and gain the certification requirements.

Learn how to observe stressful thoughts, identify them, and measure how much I am attached to them! Questioning and reversing them allows me to open the door to a new perspective that each time relieves and smoothes me.

From each individual situation, this Work investigates each thought one after another, and step-by-step my heart opens as I discover, in my own time, my most intimate truth.

It is with my loved ones that I very quickly saw the liberating effects: my reactivity subsided; I've become more patient, caring, and open. I finally found a way to take care of my business leaving the others free to their own choices!

Quitting the analysing of past stories with their causes and effects to enter into the experience of reality itself and with others, to listen with more discernment, this is the unique contribution of The Work to my profession of Psychologist and Coach.

Whether it's in my personal or professional life, these subtle changes exhilarate me, likewise affect others and therefore gently transforms the relationships.

How then could I not be driven by a deep desire to share this valuable experience? Daring to meet difficult situations and stressful thoughts to thus investigate their truth.

I propose individual sessions, one-on-one, via Skype by telephone, as well as Workshops and group sessions.

It is also possible to organise an individual retreat or in a small group in your area or in mine. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact Information: 

cell: + 41 (0) 79 237 97 30
phone: + 41 (0) 21 802 32 59
email: mireillegounon@hotmail.com
Skype: mireillegounon
website: thework-gounon.ch

Lussy on Morges, Switzerland

New Year's Mental Cleanse

Want a fresh start? Come spend one to four days immersed in the power of The Work. Byron Katie’s deep insight, humor, and untiring commitment to your freedom are reasons this event has become an eagerly anticipated annual tradition.
29 December-1 January 2019