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Through service as a homeopath, holistic health practitioner, expressive therapist and massage therapist, I've had the opportunity to study and explore many different paths to understanding. Each of these holistic methodologies has focused my awareness on observation, a greater sense of connection, and has evoked precious insights. Yet it wasn't until The Work came into my life that I really began to understand the tyranny of an unquestioned mind, the power of a stressful belief, and the genesis of suffering.

The Work gave me a clarifying lens through which to see the world, to see myself, and the way to peace. In my experience, and in my practice, The Work provides a streamlined vehicle for perceiving truth, developing genuine kindness, and experiencing authentic freedom. It allows me to live in appreciation, open to love.

I consider it the most valuable gift I could give to myself or another. I share The Work with anyone asking for help, anyone willing to question thoughts and ready to discover inherent wisdom; each is my teacher as we explore together.

I also share presentations and facilitation of The Work with groups and at seminars, in hospice, with our local Work group, and my clients.

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Phone: 541.317.4656
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Bend, Oregon, US