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How The Work found me
The Work ‘found’ me in a peer group of management consultants interested in spiritual management. I didn’t feel at ease in that group, believing they didn’t accept me. I was anxious enough to find out more about The Work before meeting about Byron Katie. I wrote my first Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet on the most critical person in this group, asked the four questions of The Work and turned my thoughts around. I discovered that ‘I didn’t accept myself and the other group members’ was definitely more true. And ‘they do accept me’ could be as true as my stressful thought ‘they don’t accept me’.

Then I went to the meeting about Byron Katie and experienced that the whole group had changed because I had changed. I noticed people started to treat me in the same way as they used to. But that was not possible: I felt so happy and peaceful that they adapted to that. I accepted myself fully and that changed everything.

The Work is a mirror for me
Before I did The Work as a daily practice, I intellectually knew that our outer world is reflecting our inner world. But in practice my happiness appeared to be still regularly dependant from my circumstances.
This fully changed by Katie’s incredible awakening process. I experienced for myself the "imperturbable peace" that many of those who question their thoughts, are speaking about. Therefore I became a member of the Institute for The Work and started the Certification Program.

Every time I do The Work, I discover again: what seems to be happening outside of me, cannot be true. Stress and peace can only have an internal cause. The Work is a mirror that reflects my projections back to me. I was in someone else's business and The Work brings me back to mine. The more subtle my projections become, the more refined The Work does it’s work when I’m committed. Mind is so tricky and The Work is so solid... When I want to go deeper into The Work, I Work with a professional facilitator again.

If you want to liberate yourself of thoughts that imprison you, I’m happy to support you to discover, deepen and—most of all—live this wonderful Work of Byron Katie. My specialties are The Work ‘on dreams’ and The Work ‘on work and money’.

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Phone number: 0031575556945

Vorden, Gelderland, Netherlands