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Ralf Giesen


I am happy to be part of this worldwide community.

About 15 years ago I wrote down some stressful beliefs and questioned them on a beach in Ibiza. Within an hour I was cracked open. I had a relationship pattern that had been wreaking havoc for years and answering the questions for the first time I felt something in me shifting, and I knew I wanted more and that I had found what I had been looking for in a long time.

Over time The Work evolved into a way of life, or a practical philosophy. The deeper I looked into my beliefs the more I found. My life became an adventoruous journey in many different ways with the questions being the best company I could imagine. I am so grateful for all the unknown, dreamlike places I´ve been shown since …

I love sharing The Work and have done so in many different ways. At this time my partner, Chris, and I run a retreat center on Mallorca, where we host individuals and groups sharing The Work—unless we are traveling holding seminars in The Work around the globe.

I am also available for individual sessions (telephone, skype or zoom).

Contact Information: 

Email: ralf@ralfgiesen.de
Phone: +49 172 8752130
Skype: ralfieb Website: thework-seminare.de

Berlin, Germany and Mallorca, Spain