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I came across The Work when someone offered me the "little book” in 2001. A year later, Loving What Is was released and the authors visited our local bookstore in Rotterdam. I went to the book signing and stood in front of Stephen Mitchell and Byron Katie, who seemed to be a very friendly couple. I told Katie that I bought the book because I tend to worry a lot. ‘Worries are your best friends, angel,” she replied. What did she say? Did I hear her well? Worries are my best friends? And could four questions really change my life? I doubted it.

I continued exploring other fields of personal growth for a while. In the meantime I felt attracted to Loving What Is, not only because of the handwritten, inspiring notes and autographs on the blank page in front, but also because of the clarity and friendliness that arose from each page. I started attending Katie’s public events in Amsterdam and felt at home immediately, in spite of all the hugging (a threshold I would miraculously overcome). People were questioning their stressful thoughts, which I recognized as my own. Eventually I started regularly applying the four questions to my worries and noticed how I felt more peaceful and lighter afterwards. “Worries are your best friends”—could she be right?

In 2005, Katie revisited our local bookstore to sign her second book, I Need Your Love—Is That True? I said I would see her soon again at her nine-day school in Germany. She reacted as if I were her best friend—which I know now was the case.

So yes, my worries did become my best friends (or more precise: I became my best friend) and yes, the four questions did change my life. They enlightened me about my health, family issues, my friends and relationships, my job and my finances. I feel freer and happier now and in general I experience more love than fear in life. Therefore I would like to share The Work with you.

I combine 21 years of experience as a licensed social worker with years of doing The Work myself and with clients (both children and adults), helping them get clearer about relationships, violence, depression, work, education, identity, conflict, low self-esteem and a lot more. I’m able to create a warm and intimate space in a professional setting and invite you to contact me if you want to experience The Work with me.

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Rotterdam, Netherlands