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Sandra Yosef-Hassidim


It was winter 2008 when I got my first taste of The Work. I was reading Loving What Is and I remember Katie’s words felt so familiar to me... It was like someone was touching my deepest inner understandings and finally giving a voice to them. I was even more excited when I found that inquiry could take me back to communicating with this inner voice any time I wanted. And though I had always been a fairly happy human being, after The Work came into my life, doors started to open to places I had never dreamt existed: feeling completely fearless, loved, supported, and whole. Through this simple process of self-inquiry, these places have become accessible to me, even in times when things seem to be falling apart. It is my inner safety net when making the next jump into the unknown.

I attended my first School for The Work in 2009, enrolled in the certification program at the Institute for The Work, and finished the program in 2013. And it is an on-going journey! The Work is part of my daily routine, much like eating and sleeping. It is my personal navigator, helping me find my way through the land of human interactions—where roads get blocked when you least expect it! ...with my husband, children, students, colleagues, anyone—including… myself.

In addition to doing my own Work, I also offer the Work in professional settings: in workshops, online courses, and private sessions. I welcome any given subject and have done a lot of Work on relationship issues, parenting, addictions, sexual (ab)use, and issues related to “the world” and politics.

If you like to do The Work with me, you can contact me by email. I can do The Work with you face to face at my home practice, or online, through Skype.

Contact Information: 

Skype: sandra.hassidim

Modiin, Israel