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My first encounter with The Work was in 2008 when I read the book Loving What Is. I was 40 years old, married, 3 kids, and had a full time job in high school teaching. I considered myself a successful woman. I was sure I had figured my life out, planning each move very carefully, “climbing up” ladders, fighting the obstacles on my way with a lot of motivation, on my guard for competitors, at work counting the days from vacation to vacation, from sabbatical to sabbatical, always on my way to somewhere “better”.

As a spouse, mom, and teacher, I could be very loving when things went my way. When they didn't, I was reactive, demanding, and pushy. I felt overly dependent on my environment to change, to suit my needs, so that I could feel satisfied with my life. As such, I made it my primary job to figure out how they could change, what they should do, and what role I should take on to get them to do that. This was very tiring… It caused a lot of stress, friction, and conflict at home as well as at work. I started feeling the heavy weight of all those roles I had taken upon myself, and inside I felt a faint voice calling me “home”. I heard the voice and I had no clue how to go about it.

And then I read Katie's book. It is hard to describe in words what that book meant to me. It was a confirmation of my own inner voice, recognition of it, and at the same time it offered me a way to connect to it: The Work. From that moment on, the way I experienced life changed. The Work helps me understand myself, connect to myself, take responsibility for my own happiness. It slows me down, and keeps bringing me back to me. What is so lovely about coming back to me is that coming back to me is like coming back to the whole world but from a different angle: with understanding, clarity, compassion, connection-with LOVE.

This new-found (or re-found) connection has brought back the simple joy in my life and put a whole different light on my relationships with family, friends, students, and even people I don't know. When I do The Work, clarity, willingness to really listen and compassion take the place of reactivity, expectation and demand. This first taste of “me”—without the roles—this first taste of The Work, became the beginning of an exciting adventure of getting to know myself inside out—an on-going journey full of surprises!

I went to the School of The Work, which was an amazing experience in itself. Back home, my colleague teachers noticed my joy and asked me to introduce them to The Work. I was so thrilled to share The Work that I didn't think twice and put together a workshop of four weekly meetings at our school in Reut. After the first School, I enrolled in the certification program and then staffed three more Schools. In 2012, when I was on sabbatical, I took part in Dr. Shahar Lev-Ari's research project about the effects of The Work on BRCA (breast cancer gene) carriers. I was part of the facilitators' team. I was stunned to see how The Work played a key role in reducing the carriers' stress around cancer.

Today I combine my teaching job at high school with The Work: I offer workshops and courses on a regular basis. I also receive clients in my practice in Modiin, in one-on-one facilitations. I have experience in working on parenting issues, low self-esteem, fear and anxiety, depression, death of dear ones, burn-out, perfectionism and body-image. I'm open to doing The Work with you on any issue you would like to inquire into, in English, Dutch or Hebrew. You are welcome to contact me by mail or phone.

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Modiin, Israel