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Sarah-Maya Côté Jirik


Practicing The Work on a consistent basis has had an incredible impact on my life. Leaving me more open, available, and kind with myself and with others. It has moved me from fearing life and given me the capacity to move through what shows up. To be able to do this on my own is the best part.

I used to suffer from anxiety attacks and depression that kept me and sometimes even my husband home, as I was terrified of losing him, and lived in the certainty that something terrible was going to happen. I had gone into such fear that I was no longer traveling, although I had previously been traveling all over the world. After 5 years of trying different ways to support myself out of this prison of fear and suffering I was introduced to The Work.

Reading books from the enlightened ones, which sounded true and right had left me with the question “how?” How to be able to access peace and stillness inside of me? Not only when I am practicing yoga or meditation, but for it to live in everyday action, for it to meet reality, when I experience life as anything but kind.

The Work for me is the HOW. I no longer suffer from debilitating anxiety attacks, I am flying again, and have since become a mother, which I never thought possible. All this by simply identifying the thoughts I am thinking and believing, and questioning them using The Work.

No one needs to have experienced depression or trauma to benefit from The Work. Anyone with an interest in peace and more clarity of mind can gain from this simple process of self inquiry.

I invite you to experience for yourself this most amazing way to accessing your wisdom and truth.
Presence and peace are available now. Ever waiting, ever accessible.

It is my pleasure and privilege to support through facilitation, individuals, couples and groups via skype or in person when possible.

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Quebec, Canada