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Prior to finding The Work I was a melting pot of self-pity and self-loathing; people-pleasing; lonely, miserable, unhappy, and without much hope of a brighter future. I felt only despair on the inside and masked it with a smile on the outside! I discovered The Work and registered for one of the online courses. It happened to be a course that focused on the physical sensations one experiences when believing thoughts that cause mental/emotional suffering. That was an eye-opening course as I’d never before tuned in to what I was experiencing at a physical level nor correlated those sensations to being caused by what I was thinking! I was enamored with The Work. After only one course I was feeling a shift within that felt so good. I took another course or two and then headed to California for the transformational Nine-day School for The Work.

As I’ve continued doing The Work on my own, in eCourses ,and with different facilitator partners, my feeling of self-love has grown exponentially; I seek outside approval less and less, and find more acceptance of life as it is without feeling a need to change it to suit me! I’ve learned I only have to show up for myself and that it’s impossible to live up to another’s expectations, so I’ve let go of trying to do the impossible. I feel such a deep peacefulness insideof myself; a calmness that has arisen as a result of questioning what I’ve been believing. There’s such a feeling of freedom and a desire to show up as authentic now. When my son died in 2015 I was able to face what happened with a clearer mind. I didn’t wallow in self pity nor make his death about me. Instead I paid attention to and questioned all of the thoughts that were threatening to drown me in self pity.

The Work for me has been “the light at the end of the tunnel”. I invite you to walk down this passage way and set yourself free through inquiring on the beliefs that have been causing you to suffer at anytime in your life. If you are truly sick and tired of living the way you have been, then The Work could be your ticket to happiness.

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