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Oh, My Goodness! The Work has shifted me into a completely accessible paradigm that I love to pass along to others: A worldview where I trust reality as it shows up! And when I find that I’m not able to, I get to rely on the very people and situations that upset me to reveal my own tailor-made path to more peace, clarity, and love than I had thought possible …. Now that I know HOW. (YAY!)

Coming to know this wonderful “HOW” called The Work is one of the biggest gifts of my life. The Work (the only meditation I’ve ever been successful at), dependably shifts me back to the natural curiosity, wonder, and a delicious free-fall into the love and belonging that I lost along the way, even in the face of very difficult situations. I love that this new helper—this kind and silent watcher of my thoughts—now lives in me so that ‘problems’ seem lighter, non-existent, appear as kind mirrors, or simply take care of themselves.

What this radical shift in perspective has meant is that I rarely ever:

  • Feel like a victim.
  • Spend lots time beating myself up.
  • Regret the past while fearing the future.
  • Feel clueless about what to do and when to do it, or
  • Stay angry and helpless over what others are doing (including my body and the world).

And when I DO find myself back in one of those gut-wrenching states, I know I've hit a gold mine—the exact edge of the envelope of my own evolution. Doing The Work on the thoughts behind any emotional charge reliably shifts me to a new level of compassion, openness, creativity, gratitude, abundance— (Really!)

I have been so blessed that my life’s work has allowed me to facilitate critical shifts in perspective for individuals, couples, businesses, schools, and even governments (having written a book translated into many languages which led me to speaking engagements around the world). I had notoriety and an amazing job, was finally married and raising our dear daughter in our waterfront home …. and, I was often a complete wreck inside.

So I was even more blessed when I ‘crashed’ under the weight of my former ways of thinking into the hands of raging codependence, intense physical and emotional pain, chronic illness, infertility, insomnia, and food addiction—with eventual loss of my health, marriage, and career. Blessed, I say, because these symptoms of my daily run-ins with fear and ‘arguing with reality’ forced me to rebuild my life from the ground up, ultimately leading me to The Work.

I now see these rich experiences with success and pain (emotional and physical) as my kind generous teachers: the very thing that positions me to give back in spades the gifts that changed my life so. Grace has granted me the hard-won tools to facilitate lasting shifts on both a deeply intimate and globally significant level as I work to expedite a time when this ability to question our thinking is common knowledge—something all children grow up knowing.

But first, I had to let The Work bring me home to myself. It showed me how desperately I needed to tend to the littlest parts of Shawn—those ‘trouble-makers’ that were innocently believing I needed the people and events outside me to change in order for me to be safe and happy. Those who know me have seen the huge changes in ‘who I am’ since I began doing The Work, changes that just get deeper and sweeter with time. This simple tool, and the understanding I've gained from Katie and my training, have:

  • HUGELY increased my level of happiness and peace with myself, others, my body, and life.
  • Restored my ability to sleep after 10 years of insomnia and helped my health tremendously.
  • Replaced everyday bouts of fear, upset, and confusion with ‘everyday joy,’ &lsquoworking clarity;’ and trust.
  • Replaced my NEEDING to talk when upset with a reliable way to access true calm and curiosity myself.

Finally—and maybe most importantly—The Work showed me, in a way no counseling or spiritual teaching had, MY OWN INNOCENCE. I know longer need to beat myself up or stay in ‘regret hell’ with no hope of reprieve. I easily find for myself the childlike motives behind how I was showing up—and this discovery allows me to readily experience that innocence in others, and in the situations that used to plague me. Katie and my countless inquiries taught me that the worst any of us is ever doing is ‘innocently believing a thought’—and we have no choice but to act out of that—until we learn how to question it.

Finding all this means I know—in a deep, hands-on way—how to gently but firmly hold you in The Work as together we allow it to shift us out of the hypnosis of our collective internal programming …, and into living a new paradigm that signals the beginning of the end of fear and separation.

I’d love to support you in your own shift to living and loving without conditions! xox

I offer fairly long sessions where clients often transform their relationship to the object of their inquiry, and I often support clients via email or private FaceBook group between individual work, classes, and retreats. While The Work lets me go as far as we need to into issues of any kind, I have particular experience with the life challenges you’ve read about here, and especially in supporting complete turnarounds for those devastated by relationship losses (whether they are in or out of the relationship), those exploring spirituality and non-duality, and those building and marketing a small business or their practice in The Work via a ‘no competition’ business model.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or learn more about individual Paradigm Shift coaching sessions (with deep discounts for six-session sets), Put-THE-WORK-to-Work teleclasses, topic-specific workshops, or the occasional writings/audio recordings I send out. Finally, I am here if you wish to treat yourself to a transformative individual or group retreat at my country-like waterfront spot on the Chesapeake Bay near Washington DC.

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